Up to 2,500,000 free chatGPT tokens for individuals

Up to 10,000,000 free chatGPT tokens for teams of 5+

$2.2/1M chatGPT tokens
$66/1M GPT-4 tokens

Integrate AI into your work risk-free

Access to chatGPT without rate limits
Convenient Slack integration
Guided prompt writer for better generation
Personal prompt history
AI Assistants


Unlimited AI experts

Unlimited Fine-tuned AI models

Up to 4TB's of vector databases

The easiest way to use custom AI at work

Create virtual AI experts on any subject
Access to GPT-4 and fine-tuned AI models
Empower AI experts with your own content
Switch between different AI roles for advanced AI generation and workflow


Transform your business with AI

Connect to more company data sources

- Postgres
- My sql
- Notion
- Airtable
- Salesforce
- Zendesk
and more
On-premise deployment
Use your own vector databases

- Pinecone
- Qdrant
- Chroma
- Weaviate
- Faiss
- Reids
- ElasticSearch
- Pgvector

and more

Work just got better.