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1 minute activities on Slack

Design healthy routine

Set customized reminder

Take self-care together

Send cues to teams and friends

Latest behavior science technique

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All data is anonymized. You decide what you share to your team.

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Public beta in March 2021

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Do these activities work?

All activities in Cuely are science-based activities, with numerous studies showing their positive impact on people's mental and physical wellbeing.

How easy is it to get Cuely for my organization?

If you are an admin of your Slack account, you can install Cuely with 1-click. If you need admin approval, get in touch with us (team@cuely.ai) and we will handle it.

Will Cuely send annoying notifications?

Cuely sents subtle customizable nudges with positive affirmations and tips to make the team feel good.

If you have any question, drop us a note at team@cuely.ai