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Unlock peak performance with bite-sized breaks designed to optimize your energy patterns and bring wellness into your workday.

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Cuely “cues” you with science-backed breaks that deliver personalized results in days.

How it works


Take breaks to
stay sharp

Smart, calendar-aware cues help you build healthier workday habits - built in Slack, Chrome or any web browser.


Learn when you
do your best work

Reflect on your energy patterns over time to learn how to optimize your workday.


Crush your goals

Based on your self-reported data, turn insights into action. We’ll cue healthy reminders when you need them, resulting in peak performance, and a happier workday.


Give back

With each break you take, we’ll give back to the organizations you care about, like charitywater.org, breastcancer.org, and more.

Work just got better.