February 23, 2022
Case Study

Using Data to Quickly Take Action

The Supernova Case Study

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Non-profit team of 15 in Halifax, Nova Scotia


Prior to COVID, the team would shout out “drink water” in the office to keep each other well.

The team installed Cuely in October 2021.

“It's great to have the mild competitive/accountability element to the breaks as you can see who else is doing it too! Cuely isa fun and healthy way to keep us more connected over Slack - as if we were all saying 'Drink!' to each other in the office for real." -Emily, Team Lead, Supernova

How Cuely Helped

The company observed a drop in energy in November’s team engagement and morale report from Cuely. They launched a doodle drawing challenge to cheer up the team.

They have since launched two subsequent team challenges to sustain team energy and morale.


The Supernova team had 75% team adoption from day 1.

On average, each person takes 15 healthy breaks per week to recharge.

As a result of a team challenge launched in November, the average energy level of the team increased by 13% ahead of the busy holiday season.

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