September 25, 2021

The amazing health benefits of drinking water at work

With 60% of your body being water - it's no surprise that water is key for performing your best.

So you've got back to back meetings, a stressful commute (or stressful routine at home), or you just got 'in the zone' and forgot - good chances are that you aren’t hydrating enough. Why does it matter? It’s affecting your performance at work. 

Here’s some of the top benefits of staying hydrated during the work day:

🔍 Improves concentration

Look, we are working more hours now more than ever (newsflash: it’s this whole shift to hybrid work). Burnout is real. And with less water, there’s less blood volume. That means your brain isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. 

Simple rule - drink about half a glass of water an hour to fight brain fatigue.

More on this from HealthLine

⚡ Amps up energy levels

Same with concentration, that water keeps your blood flowing, bringing vital nutrients to all your body charts. Got a big presentation to give this afternoon? Make sure you hydrate a few minutes before (and probably good to hit the bathroom while you are at it!) 

Harvard medical school has the low down

🍗 Keeps your nutrition on track

Drinking lots of water is part of most nutrition programs and weight loss regiments. Throughout your work day, it’s way too easy to hit the vending machine or pound coffee all day long. Yes everyone needs a break (thanks Kit Kat) but better you “break me off a piece of that H2O.”

Learn more at Medical News Today

😺 Stress busters / Mood boosters

OK, you’re crushing it at work and the boss swoops in last minute and asks where your TPS report is? The wave on anxiety sets in - you forgot. 

The experts tell us stress is all about Cortisol. What’s Cortisol? (Glad you asked) Just like Adrenaline increases your heart rate and boosts energy supplies, Cortisol curbs functions that would be nonessential or harmful in a fight-or-flight situation. That effects your brain - specifically the regions that control mood, motivation and fear. 

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