February 23, 2022
Case Study

Team Challenges Increase Energy Levels

The Milyli Case Study

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Cuely Team




Team of 30 based in Chicago


The hybrid team wanted to improve their work wellbeing but were disappointed with a different solution. The team was determined to find abetter way to wellness.

They adopted Cuely in September 2021.

“Cuely is a fun way to help "cue" mindfulness throughout the day. I think it helps us remember that we should give ourselves permission to take some breaths and focus on feeling great so we can be more productive."

How Cuely Helped

Launched a team challenge with the goal of 1,000 breaks that would in-turn donate 1,000 weeks of clean drinking water to those in need. The team crushed it, completing 1,300 breaks!

Weekly summary data kept leadership informed of progress and social impact.

When team energy dipped, Cuely custom built theBurnout Monster challenge. The team loved it!


More than 50% of the team uses Cuely daily. On average, each person takes 25 healthy breaks per week.

With the launch of the water challenge the team’s average energy level increased by 15% in two weeks.

88% agreed Cuely helped them build healthy habits

100% agreed Cuely made them feel more positively about well-being at work.

100% agreed that Cuely made them feel the company cared about their well being.

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Battle Burnout with Cuely at your Enterprise

⚡Free Custom Wellness programs built for your company. No Joke. No Catch.

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Recharge at work. Save a life - one water break at a time.

Every time you complete a water break (any other activity) on Cuely, you will be giving a person somewhere in this world a week of clean water access.

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Personalized Energy Insights

Have you ever wondered what’s impacting your energy and how your energy levels affect you throughout the day? Cuely can help you find out!

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