September 25, 2021

Eyes on the prize. Screen time and its effect on eye health.

Spending too many hours staring at screens is seriously impacting our eyes.

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Cuely Team

The average worker spends 1,700 Hours in front of a computer screen year - and that number was pre-pandemic (2018) when Grandma hadn’t yet figured out Snapchat.

Since then, we’ve doubled down on displays, having huge surges in demand, impacting global LCD manufacturing, and driving prices up 12-18%.

How many screens can we fit in one photo?? (We think there’s 9 here)

So this all leaves us with more screens, more blue light, and more eye strain. Fortunately, there’s a few exercises that battle dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches that go hand in hand (errr eye for eye??) with eye strain. 

Here’s some of our faves: 

🔬 Focus Change

Moving from near to something in the distance in repetition

♾️ Figure Eight

Tracing imaginary figure eights with your eyes

🤓 20-20-20

Resetting your focus to 20 feet away for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes

Besides eye strain, blue light could actually be impacting your sleep. Viewsonic is just one manufacturer that makes LCDs engineered to improve eye comfort. They’ve done significant research in this area. 

The problem at hand is that 90% of our time is now spent indoors under artificial light, thereby resulting in a deficit of direct sunlight during the day and overexposure to bright light in the evening.

Eye exercises. Check. Turn off the screens an hour before bed. Check.

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