January 4, 2022

Battle Burnout with Cuely at your Enterprise

⚡Free Custom Wellness programs built for your company. No Joke. No Catch.

Taking a look back at 2021, Cuely went from an initial idea to the Slack #1 Health & Wellness app, helping hundreds of teams and thousands of people build better habits every day. Even more, we joined forces with charitywater.org to build Recharge at Work - helping 785 million people get better access to clean drinking water.

We attribute all of these successes to listening to our users, building a product that’s easy to use, actually helps build better habits, and has joyful moments built-in.

To take that idea of listening even further, we have launched Battle Burnout with Cuely - a free program for teams over 100 people.

How it works: 

  • Let’s chat about how to amp up your wellness initiatives
  • Cuely will create a custom program - and deliver it through our Slack App
  • All we ask is that your team is engaged and gives us feedback along the way

If you’ve installed Cuely, you already can make this happen. No cost. No IT needed. 

It’s too good to be true!

Nope, this is the real deal.

Back in September, one of our teams (they make software for the legal industry) reached out to us and asked if we could create a team water-drinking challenge. We got to work right away, and mashed their idea up with our own Recharge at Work initiative, doubling down for a Win-Win.

The result - we created a unique program that 88% of their employees stated helped improve their habits. Even more, every (yes 100%) of their employees said the program demonstrated that their company ACTUALLY cares about their wellbeing (we love that!) 

Here’s a screenshot of the team leaderboard

And each team member's dashboard. 

We're ready to help you create a custom program for your team. Please reach out! We can battle burnout together.

- Terry Xu and TianLun Chen

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