September 25, 2021

7 missing cues at home that are vital to your wellness

Working from home allows us to have uninterrupted time to focus, but it also comes with significant downsides. We've identified the most pressing issues to help you avoid burnout.

If working from home makes you feel more stressed and tired, you're not alone.

More than 40% of people reported stress and anxiety every week since the pandemic started.

Experts have spoken, "drink more water," "keep exercising," "have enough sleep," and "call your friends and family." Easy right? If only we can remember to do them.


The most significant difference between working in the office and at home is environmental cues. Without cues, we simply won't remember to do a behavior we need, no matter how simple and important it is. We've identified a list of all missing cues at home.

Environmental cues In the office At home At home with Cuely
Drink water
Seeing colleagues drink water When feel thirsty Reminders after meetings
Eye break
None None Guided eye break
Minimum None Reminders with 1-minute exercises
Have lunch
Join the lunch train When feel hungry A nudge right before noon
Connect with colleagues
Kitchen, hallway, meeting rooms, at your desk On Zoom only Seeing team’s healthy activities in Cuely
Take a walk
Grab coffee with colleagues None A reminder in the afternoon

This lack of healthy cues even surprised us. We all have limited willpower to spend each day. On the days where work is demanding and hectic, which is 90% of the workdays, self-care becomes the last thing we remember to do.


We believe you already have the motivation to take care of yourself. With timely and thoughtful reminders, we can help you stay well whether you are working from home or back in the office when the pandemic ends!

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